This is the song I have been listening in the whole last week. As interested as my girlfriend introduced this to me last year, it has become my “adrenaline shot” when I get lows on my day. It basically represents the year of 2011. I listened to it when I thought I am going to fail my osce in last eos, I listened to it when on the journey from dunedin to queenstown. I listened to it when I miss my girlfriend (kinda weird isn’t it). Yesterday, I have heard that one of my church mate broke up with his girlfriend because the girl’s family doesn’t approve of his belief, it’s just unbelievable when they have been together for 2 years of long run.

Came back to my case. My girlfriend was totally a miracle. I was playing a very dangerous bet but God see me through. He saw us through all this 4 years!!God gave me more than I could wished for, more than I have ever prayed for. 

She is the best evident that God listen to our prayer, she is the best thing God has created

As much as she do, I am counting down the 28 days until I see her again. Okay I have to cut it short cause she is calling me on skype